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Looking for your best health?


Although most people, for example, want to live healthier and happier lives, simple rhetoric and wishful thinking, they will not achieve these goals! Are you willing to concentrate on how you could live a specific lifestyle that helps you in your search for better health and personal well-being? Will you follow a preventative approach or, will you do nothing, until later, your health will be challenged (do you feel sick, sick, etc.)? Do you want to, open up – your mind, to the possibilities, or, stay with the limits of your self-imposed personal comfort zone, and pursue only the most conventional approaches, methods and solutions, the same old ones, old as ever? With this in mind, this article will, in short, attempt to consider, examine, examine and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means, and representatives, and the best way to proceed effectively in your best personal interests .

1. Benefits; beliefs; better: Proceed, based on your personal benefits, and open your mind to the possibilities! Your beliefs can be beneficial or be against your best interests! There is indeed a better way to proceed when emphasizing the well-being and the alternatives, rather than simply the symptoms. Those who use a holistic approach to health and consider all the possibilities, health and well-being will benefit  it!

2. energizing; excellence; efforts: Those who live an energetic and energizing life generally experience the best health and life! When focusing on authentic excellence, rather than on research, simply the way, the least resistance, become more able to concentrate their efforts, in the most considered way possible!

3. Harder; strengths; system; solutions; servants: Which approach will best serve your needs and priorities? Will you develop a personal system, focused on valid solutions based on well-developed strengths? Does your approach make you personally stronger, enriching your life? Will you be happy, happy or allowed, everyday life, stress and tension, to make you weaker, sadder and less satisfied with yourself? Remember, all other things, being considered, when we are happier, we are usually even healthier!

4. timely: Everyone experiences certain stresses during his life. The difference between the management of these, in an effective and efficient way, and their authorization, is debilitating, whether one acts promptly or is delayed! Dr. Hans Selye he received the Nobel Prize for his work regarding stress and differentiation  harmful stress, turning it into useful lessons (he called it, eustress ).

Be happier and your chance for better health is improved! This is always your decision, and every time you try the BEST, possible.

Parents The healthiest children!

We will start by bringing our children to shop with us, so that they can see where the food comes , and how much it costs, as well as developing a certain property to collect food within the limited number of pre-set food choices. The food we buy and prepare always seems a little better, which translates into fewer outbursts of anger and less food waste. Our shopping trips, food preparation and eating habits will eventually become true and successful habits and abilities for our children who make their journey  childhood to adulthood.

Next, we invite our children to play physically rather than sit docile in front of the television and / or electronically. Childhood is the most natural time to play, be active and fit. If our children don’t do it as children, what chance will they have of doing so as adults? We all know how committed we are to carrying all the responsibilities of a parent. And we also know how easy it is for the weight of middle age to be creeping up on us. Once upon a time we were very skinny kids. So we help our children stay slim and fit.

Now, as my grandfather always said, “Go learn, drive and pave the way for a better world for us all.” We have the power to parent healthy children. So let him do it by helping them develop healthy self-managed habits. Aristotle certainly would approve this kind of parenting. And once again parents, thanks in advance for everything you do and everything you do …